A Professional Solution for Expats and International Companies

Are you intending to set up a company in the Netherlands or live and work here as an expat? Does all this seem rather challenging? We know that dealing with housing, tax issues, language, financial or legal matters, for instance, can be the cause of a major headache, potentially raising difficult questions and presenting serious problems. Life in the Netherlands does not have to be like this. In fact, the Dutch Support Team can help you to make living here feel like a home away home. We will assist you in taking advantage of the wide range of social and cultural opportunities that are available. With its hands-on experience, the team addresses issues effectively and goes that extra step to solve your problems.

The Dutch Support Team is a collaboration comprising:
Why not let us take the strain? Our multidisciplinary approach and extensive network means that you will no longer have to plough your way through the large and often confusing array of public and commercial services time and again. The Dutch Support Team has direct links with many service providers, including notaries, process servers, insurance advisors, career counsellors and recruitment firms. Our expertise means that we can always offer you a custom made solution.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail: info@dutchsupportteam.nl. We will respond to you the same day.